Sterling Investment Management, Inc.

Oregon Independent Fee-Only Financial Advisory Firm 

It all begins with a plan. Whether you are saving for the vacation of a lifetime, providing for your children’s education, or planning for retirement, a sound financial plan will help you realize your goals. Sterling Investment Management, Inc. provides independent, Fee-Only financial planning and investment advisory services to assist you with developing the financial plan needed to achieve your goals.

As an Oregon based Fee-Only advisory firm our recommendations are untainted by any type of compensation or commissions received from the providers of financial products such as investment funds and/or insurance companies.

Sterling Investment Management, Inc. prides itself on identifying and implementing strategies to help you achieve your personal goals. Each client is given the highest level of personalized service to ensure that every financial plan is best suited to the client’s individual needs today and in the future.

Sterling Investment Management, Inc. can help you reach your goals by providing services that include:

  • Financial Planning

  • Investment Counseling and Ongoing Investment Management

  • Retirement Planning Strategies

  • Income Tax Planning and Preparation

Our mission is simple: To provide timely, unbiased financial advice to individuals or families that are ready to take proactive steps toward planning for the future. Through the advantages of professional, Fee-Only planning, we seek to empower our clients to make the best financial decisions possible.

Sterling Investment Management, Inc. is a registered investment adviser in Oregon.  
Prior to conducting business in any other state, the firm will ensure that all licensing requirements or exemptions from licensing are met.

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