Who can benefit most from your services?

Any individual or family seeking financial peace of mind can benefit from our services. We welcome clients who need financial planning and/or asset management services and are ready to take steps toward planning for their future.

Will this process require a lot of work?

It may seem like that at first, but the good news is, if you follow your plan and maintain a disciplined approach, you can rest well knowing you have a good chance of reaching your stated goals. At Sterling Investment Management, Inc., we try to make the process as easy as possible for you. In addition to providing professional advice on your most important financial concerns, we can also provide implementation and ongoing asset management services.

Please tell me about the financial planning process.

Financial planning is a multi-step process that provides you with two important things: (1) An in-depth review of your current financial situation, and (2) a blueprint that shows you how to achieve your goals and objectives for the future. It is important to remember that financial planning is a process . . . not an event.